Logging on - TimeClock (volunteer)

To log on to the TimeClock as a volunteer, go to the website: timeclock.myvolunteerpage.com

Once logged on, the volunteer will see a list of

  1. Uncheduled activities to which he/she has been assigned
  2. Shifts of scheduled activities occurring on that day to which he/she has been assigned

To see a listing of all activities visible to the volunteer (regardless of whether or not he/she has been assigned to the activity), the volunteer can click on the [Show All] button.  If the volunteer has not been assigned to any activities, all visible activities will display, by default.

To begin a timeclock for the selected activity, click on the [Start Clock] button.

You can set up a computer (with or without a touch screen) in “kiosk mode” at your site where volunteers can log in and have their hours accumulated automatically.  This website should not be made public to volunteers.


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